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Dear Parents & Ogden Community,
As we begin second quarter the shine of the new year has worn off a bit, and students are starting to feel the stress of the rigors of the IB program. Whether they are juniors working hard on their Extended Essay outlines and their History IAs, or seniors polishing their Extended Essay and managing college & scholarship application deadlines, students are starting to feel the pressure of the IB workload. The past few weeks have seen more than one student in my office talking about their stress and the growing list of tasks they need to complete.There have been tears and lots of chocolate. When we feel the anxiety and stress bubbling to the surface, it’s important to remember that this is temporary. You will finish your applications. You will complete your assessments. In six months you will graduate from high school. It is also important to have ways to relieve the stress. Go for a hike or drive and crank the radio. Do some yoga or guided breathing. Catch a movie with friends or spend time with your family. Stress management is crucial in managing the stress of the IB program. For seniors in particular, it is easy to get lost in the forest of work and not see the big picture.

The big picture is our students are accomplishing great things! Seniors traveled to Fish Lake to conduct real world research at the Pando Clone. Our Juniors are working with the Weber State Archives to conduct interviews and collect oral histories of Ogden High WWII alumni. Our Extended Essay topics are varied and illustrate the wide range of interests our students have. Seniors have completed their Sterling Scholar Applications and will apply to universities during College Application Week this month. It’s easy to become overwhelmed and, perhaps even discouraged. Don’t lose sight of how far you’ve come and the exciting things still to come. My door is always open. I have chocolate and tissues.

Mrs. Boren

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Kelly Boren, IB Coordinator

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