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Luke Rasmussen, Ogden High School principal

Dear Ogden High School Community,

We are excited to welcome you back to school for the 2020-2021 academic year. The safety and well-being of our students, employees and all school visitors has always been our highest priority.

Each new year brings its own unique circumstances that cause us to adjust and adapt. The challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the need to change more than ever before. Despite these changes, we are committed to providing a learning environment that is clean, sanitary and safe while also retaining a sense of familiarity and comfort for students.

Ogden School District has developed the plan, “Keeping Ogden Healthy”. This district-wide system was created using the established guidelines set forth by the governor of Utah, the Utah State Board of Education and the state and local health departments. Here at Ogden High School we will be following the “Keeping Ogden Healthy” plan while making necessary, school-specific adaptations to fit our needs.

Each member of our school community has a responsibility to protect themselves and each other. Please join me and the members of our school staff in choosing to embrace these protective measures:

Sanitation & Hygiene


Personal Protective Equipment


Physical Distancing

Additional details regarding our operational processes and procedures can be found here.

While OHS is eager for students to return to our campus this year, we understand that some students and families have unique needs which can be best served by learning through an alternative to in-person instruction. For those students, we are happy to offer the consideration of Ogden Online. This is the official online learning platform delivering core curriculum instruction for students from kindergarten through 12th grade. Whether your family’s preference is to attend school in person or online, the standard registration process should be completed for each student. Following registration, families will be provided additional instructions for proceeding with enrollment in Ogden Online if that is their preference.

I appreciate every member of our school community for your dedication to student learning and growth and the health and well-being of everyone. Thank you for choosing Ogden and thank you for choosing Ogden High School.


Shauna Haney


Ogden High School

Estimada comunidad de Ogden High School,

Nos complace darle la bienvenida de regreso a la escuela para el año académico 2020-2021. La seguridad y el bienestar de nuestros estudiantes, empleados y todos los visitantes de la escuela siempre han sido nuestra máxima prioridad.

Cada año escolar trae sus propias circunstancias únicas que nos hacen adaptarnos a las situaciones. Los desafíos asociados con la pandemia de COVID-19 han resultado en la necesidad de hacer cambios. A pesar de estos cambios, estamos comprometidos a proporcionar un ambiente de aprendizaje que sea limpio, sanitario y seguro, mientras conservamos un sentido de familiaridad y comodidad para los estudiantes.

El Distrito Escolar de Ogden ha desarrollado el plan "Manteniendo Saludable a Ogden". Este sistema  fue creado para todo el distrito usando las pautas establecidas por el gobernador de Utah, la Junta de Educación del Estado de Utah y los departamentos de salud estatales y locales. Aquí en Ogden High seguiremos el plan "Manteniendo Saludable a Ogden" mientras hacemos las adaptaciones necesarias que son específicas en cómo apoyar nuestras necesidades en nuestra escuela.

Cada miembro de nuestra comunidad escolar tiene la responsabilidad de protegerse y proteger a los demás. Únase a mí y a los miembros de nuestro personal de la escuela al adoptar estas medidas de protección:

Saneamiento e higiene


Equipo de protección personal


Distanciamiento físico

Detalles adicionales sobre nuestros procesos y procedimientos operativos se pueden encontrar aquí.

Mientras el personal de (SCHOOL NAME HERE) está ansioso por ver a los estudiantes y para verlos regresar a nuestra escuela este año, entendemos que algunos estudiantes y familias tienen necesidades únicas que tal vez pueden aprender mejor a través de una alternativa a la instrucción en persona. Para esos estudiantes, nos complace ofrecer la consideración de Ogden Online (Ogden en linea). Esta es la plataforma oficial de aprendizaje en línea que ofrece instrucción curricular básica para los estudiantes del kinder al 12º grado. Si la preferencia de su familia es asistir a la escuela en persona o en línea, el proceso de registración estándar debe llenar el formulario para cada estudiante. Después de la registración, si su preferencia es inscribirse en Ogden Online, las familias recibirán instrucciones adicionales para proceder con la la registración para el programa.

Yo agradezco a cada miembro de nuestra comunidad escolar por su dedicación al aprendizaje y crecimiento académico de los estudiantes y la salud y el bienestar de todos. Gracias por elegir a Ogden y gracias por elegir a Ogden High School.


Shauna Haney


Ogden High School

Ogden History

Ogden High School building exterior Ogden High School, Home of the Tigers, celebrates a rich 100-year tradition of high achievement in academics, activities and the community. Students, staff and teachers are supported by an involved and caring community that seeks excellence to honor this legacy.

Ogden High School is the home of the International Baccalaureate program in Ogden, which is a magnet for students throughout the area who seek a rigorous high school academic experience. The school also provides extensive opportunities for all students to be involved in extra-curricular activities including theater, arts, clubs and guilds and athletics.

In 1935, the construction of Ogden High School began under the umbrella of the Works Progress Administration (WPA) at an unheard of price of $1.2 million. The school was designed by Hodson and MeClenahan who utilized the new design “art deco” specifically “classical moderne,” a Greco-Roman style with Deco elements popular in government and civic buildings at the time, such as the Ogden Municipal building.

The school was completed on September 17, 1936 and opened the following year in August of 1937. An estimated 3,000 people attended the dedication ceremony in the new auditorium on October 29, 1937 where the speaker referred to the building as, “ the structure that caught the rhythm of the Rockies because of its mountainous setting that reflected a ruggedness in an intricate design of beauty.”

In the summer of 2007, OHS began an extensive remodel costing nine million dollars. The project was completed in three phases, taking six years, and moved the gym to a separate building, created a science wing and renovated/updated the school’s infrastructure. The auditorium was also renovated as a separate project and serves as one of the premier examples of Art Deco in the United States.

OHS today is a daily reminder of the creative vision and dedication of the educational leaders in 1937.


Ogden High School

Ogden Vision and Mission

Ogden High School will provide a safe, supportive learning environment where students regardless of their background will graduate. Through earning their diploma, students will have opportunities to fulfill their potential and to develop the skills and knowledge to become responsible and successful adults after high school.