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Jer Bates

Ogden High School has partnered with Propio to provide free language interpretation service for parents to contact the school.

Ogden High has been selected to test an interpretation service. As you may be aware, currently the school has the ability to initiate a call through an interpreter. This new service will give parents who do not speak English the ability to call the school through an interpreter for free. We will be sending an instruction card to parents that will include the number to call to access an interpreter and the school’s telephone number. We encourage you to take advantage of this service and feel confident in being able to initiate contact with the school in your native language.


La Preparatoria Ogden fue elegida para probar un servicio de interpretación. Como quizás sepan, actualmente la escuela tiene la capacidad de iniciar una llamada a través de un intérprete. Este nuevo servicio les dará a los padres que no hablan inglés la habilidad de llamar a la escuela a través de un intérprete gratis. Enviaremos una tarjeta de instrucciones a los padres que incluirá el número al que llamar para acceder a un intérprete y el número de teléfono de la escuela. Les animamos a que aprovechen este servicio y se sientan seguros de poder iniciar el contacto con la escuela en su lengua natal.


تم اختيار مدرسة Ogden High لاختبار خدمة الترجمة الفورية. كما تعلم، تتمتع المدرسة حاليًا بإمكانات تساعدها على بدء مكالمة بالاستعانة بمترجم فوري. ستمنح هذه الخدمة الجديدة أولياء الأمور الذين لا يتحدثون الإنجليزية القدرة على الاتصال بالمدرسة من خلال مترجم فوري مجانًا. سنرسل بطاقة تعليمات إلى أولياء الأمور تتضمن الرقم الذي يجب الاتصال به للوصول إلى مترجم فوري ورقم هاتف المدرسة. نشجعك على الاستفادة من هذه الخدمة والشعور بالثقة في قدرتك على بدء الاتصال بالمدرسة بلغتك الأصلية.

Jarrett Ucherkemur – Ogden High School Student of the Month
Skyler Pyle

Jarrett has earned a 3.3 GPA, thanks in part to his perfect attendance! He was worried about transitioning from homeschool to Ogden high; this is his first year in a traditional school setting. But he proved that there was no need to worry because he is doing great! Jarrett loves learning and always stays positive. He has made great connections, is a great example for other students, and he is always friendly to everyone around him.

Jarrett is a natural ambassador. School staff members have introduced him to foreign exchange students and other students who are new or in need a friend. Jarrett is great at making others feel connected and being genuinely kind. He is such a great part of our Ogden High team. We are excited to see his progress and continued growth. He is a ray of sunshine.

Jarret would like give back to the Ogden community by becoming a doctor who works with children.

Malone Peterson - February District Student of the Month
Skyler Pyle

Malone has been highly involved with every facet of student life at Ogden High. He has played for both the varsity football team and the varsity soccer team. He also reached State for FCCLA two years in a row as well as representing the Tigers at Nationals for FCCLA.

Malone has been awarded Governor's Honors Academy Scholarship to SUU, a full ride scholarship. By the time he graduates, he will have already earned 16 college credits.

Along with playing football and soccer, Malone also enjoys snowboarding and golf. His passion for sports and physical activity and led him to pursue and education and career in physical therapy.

Malone Peterson - Ogden High, District Student of the Month

Ogden High's International Baccalaureate Honors Pathways Info Night
Skyler Pyle

Join Ogden High School on November 15 from 6-8 p.m. for Honors Pathway Info Night. Advisors will be on hand to answer any questions students and parents have about the International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement and Concurrent Enrollment programs as well as scholarships and college preparation.