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Ogden High community,

The Ogden High School PTSA provides services and support to our students, faculty and teachers that no other organization does.

We provide lunch for our teachers during parent teacher conferences.

We host a monthly lunch honoring students who are selected by their teachers for having made tremendous progress in their academic performance.

We organize a Laws of Life essay contest, which is only for junior students. The winners of this contest receive a total of $800, as well as, all the participating students now have their personal statement written for their college applications.

The PTA also helps with back to school registration, college application week, career day and countless other activities.

Sheila Moesinger

Ogden High School PTSA Agenda/Minutes

October 2017 Minutes

OHS PTA Minutes
Freedom Room

Attendance: Elaine Feeny, Jodie Roberts, Sheila Moesinger, DanNiese Williams, Lelo Soelberg, Durrell Annis, Admin. Mr. Seese.

Approval of the Budget was made by a motion by DanNiese Williams and a second by Lelo Seolberg.

A lengthy discussion was had by all present regarding the need for a PTA. So much of the money earned through membership drive has to be turned over to National, State, and Region PTA, leaving us at the local level not much money at all. It was discussed as a possibility to turn over the academic reins to an arm of the Booster club, then 100% of the money would stay with the school. We are in the beginning stages of this discussion and welcome any and all to attend that would like their voice to be heard.

Superintendent Corroles has asked Sheila Moesinger to gather volunteers to hand out fliers door to door in support of the bond. We are looking at different ways to go about doing this.

We will not be doing Reflections this year, we have had a poor turnout in the past.

Brandi Knowles will be heading up Hospitality lunches for the teachers. Blue Lemon contacted our school saying they would like to help with those lunches.

We have 2 ways that we receive money for our PTA. One is through the Smith’s Earn and Learn Program, the other is through Amazon Smile. We encourage all to sign up to support OHS. We will send another flier through PeachJar reminding parents about Amazon Smile.

Laws of Life this year will be headed up again by Kathy Wood.

Student of the Month will be head up by Andrea Callister with Mrs. Gerrard helping from Admin.

January 2018 Minutes

Ogden High PTA Meeting Minutes

January 10, 2018

Freedom Room

Attendance: SueAnn Burton, Lelo Soelberg, DanNiese Williams, Durrell Annis, Sheila Moesinger, Lisa Sheffield, Kathy Wood, Administration: Heather Gerrard

Approval of Minutes: Minutes were approved by Lisa Sheffield and a second was given by DanNiese Williams.

There was a lengthy discussion regarding disbanding the OHS PTA because most of the money collected goes to the National PTA. We are debating moving all funds to the Booster Club and having them designate an educational arm of Booster Club. The three things we use funds from the PTA are these: 1. Teacher Appreciation 2. Laws of Life 3. Student of the Month. Booster Club would incorporate 3 programs, an Academic Booster arm, take over the Smith’s Earn and Learn, and take over getting more parents involved by considering a smaller membership fee. Lisa Sheffield wondered if there was a way to go inactive rather than disbanding our PTA. Sheila Moesinger said she would contact the Region and see what she could find out.

We have struggled to get kids to participate in the Laws of life contest over the years and wonder if our time and money is better spent elsewhere. SueAnn Burton suggested before discontinuing maybe we should look to people outside of the school, those in the community who might be willing to take it over. She suggested possibly contacting Meg Nesbitt, since she was the one who started it years ago at OHS. Lisa Sheffield was going to contact Meg. We will move forward with the Laws of Life contest as planned for this school year. Kathy Wood will go ahead and write the grant for funding.

Heather Gerrard joined the meeting at about 10:15. She told us that OHS had received some additional funding for the Junior ACT test day. They want to use it to help the students better prepare for the ACT. They are hoping to do a family night on February 12th to give information and help to students and families. The evening will conclude with a dinner served to all in attendance. They would love to have parental input as to the academic substance and how to best execute the evening. There is a meeting this Tuesday January 16th at 1:30 for any who would like to attend and give suggestions.

Kathy Wood mentioned that if we decide to move PTA funds into the academic booster club, we will need to have a PTA wide vote on it which will take place after the April PTA meeting.

May 2018 Minutes

OHS PTA Meeting     
May 8th 2018   
Freedom Room

Attendance:  Jamie Russell, DanNiese Williams, Durrell Annis, Sheila Moesinger, Suzanne Wadsworth, Kathy Wood, Lisa Sheffield, Lelo Soelberg, Elaine Feeney

Approval of Minutes:  The minutes were approved by Lisa Sheffield and a second was made by Suzanne Wadsworth.

An email was sent out on two different occasions stating that the OHS PTA would be meeting on May 8th to discuss the disbursement of extra funds.  An email was sent to teachers, clubs and other OHS organizations asking them to apply for the funding.

Here is the detailed list of the requests we received.

1.       JuleeAnn Rivera: Help pay student fees for OWATC. Any amount was requested.

2.       Kristie Williamson: Pay for Helium to fill the OHS Helium tank. $175.00 was requested

3.       Stan Renda: Help pay for Orchestra equipment.  Any amount was requested.

4.       Elisabeth Huber:  Pay to repair/replace Ballet Folklorico dresses and practice skirts.  $40-$65 per dress, they have 10 was requested.

5.       Aimee Bellah:  Pay for classroom supplies for Special Ed Math.  $170.00 was requested.

6.       Senior Class:  Help pay for Senior class party.  $500.00 requested.

7.       Booster Club:  Pay for teacher appreciation lunches and student of the month programs. $500.00 was requested.

8.       Jed Broberg:  Help pay for production costs for the theatre production next year. $1000.00 was requested.

9.       Susan Davis:  Help pay for new chairs in her classroom.  Any amount was requested.

After a lengthy discussion, it was decided that the money would be allocated as follows:

Band/Orchestra:   $900.00
Ballet Folklorico: $500.00
OWATC: $1000.00                  Special Education: $170.00
Theatre: $900.00
Senior Party: $500.00
Cheer: $175.00
Booster Club: $450.00
Susan Davis: $100.00

It was decided that the current OHS PTA will be inactive for the year 2018-2019 school year.  All things regarding student success will be now be included within the Booster Club responsibilities.  The left over funds in the account will be turned over to the State PTA. Booster Club will now be in charge of teacher appreciation, teacher luncheons, and possibly Laws of Life.  There will be an academic arm to the Booster Club to take over these responsibilities. 

It was mentioned that the student of the month has been inconsistent at best since the new administration took over.  It would be helpful to have one administrator over the project.  Sheila Moesinger mentioned that she will let the teachers know about the Ogden School Foundation Grants for the upcoming school year. 

There was a motion to amend the budget and to approve allocation of funds by Kathy Wood and a second by Lelo Soelberg.

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  • Secretary: Durrell Anis

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