International Baccalaureate

Pando 2018


IB Coordinator's Message:

Dear Parents, Friends and Members of our Community,

As we start the new year one of the IB Learner traits come to mind. IB Learners are asked to be reflective. Reflective learners “thoughtfully consider the world and our own ideas and experience. We work to understand our strengths and weaknesses in order to support our learning and personal development.” Not only acknowledging our weakness, but actively seeking to identify them is not an easy task, but it is essential. It is only through identifying our weak areas that we can learn how to overcome them. We strive to examples to our students of these traits. We are currently engaged in the processes of reflecting on the strengths and weaknesses of our program as we complete our Five Year Review and Self Study. It’s an opportunity to make changes that will help our students achieve academic and personal success. Ogden High has also been selected to participate as one of 100 U.S. public schools in the International Baccalaureate Excellence & Equity (E2) Initiative. As part of the initiative we will be reflecting on our instructional and structural practices as we seek to grant greater equity and see students excel in the IB program at Ogden High. We are looking forward to helping the IB program grow at Ogden High, and seeing our students excel.

I, personally, am looking forward to the growth and learning that 2018 will bring.   

Mrs. Boren

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Contact Information:
Kelly Boren, IB Coordinator

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IB Information

College and University Recognition

Scholarships and University Entrance
ACT Range: 
     The range of ACT scores is 17-36. The average is 25.
Post Graduate Plans

Community Comments

  • The program taught me to manage my time well providing me with strong time management skills to take into college. (IB Graduate - ‘14)

  • It taught me to be more open minded and sensitive to the perceptions of other people. It was also fun. The classes were far more engaging and interesting (more interesting than some of my university classes). (IB Graduate - ‘14)
  • All the teachers were understanding and worked hard to help us in any way they could, and in that way my experience was very positive. (IB Graduate - ‘16)
  • IB is probably the best thing for me in a high school education. I’m making some of the strongest friendships that I currently have, and my relationships with my teachers is the closest I’ve had. I’m also being pushed to be the best I can be, and my writing is already improving dramatically. (IB Junior)

  • Since my son is an introvert, we were attracted to this program because it would help him make profound connections with a smaller group of students. He is not always one to voice his opinions in class, but in the smaller group settings, he is forced to interact more. IB is the challenge we were looking for to help him prepare for the next stages in his life. (Parent of an IB Junior)

Courses Offered

Group 1: Language & Literature (Junior/Senior)
Group 2: French or Spanish (Junior/Senior)
Group 3: History of the Americas (Junior)
20th Century History - War & Conflict (Senior)
Group 4: Biology (Junior/Senior)
Chemistry (Junior/Senior)
Group 5: Math (Junior/Senior)
Group 6 (elective): Business Management, Visual Arts,
Music, Theatre

Students have to take one class from each group. The exception being group 6 (elective group). Students can opt to take both Bio and Chem in place of a group 6 course. It is definitely the most difficult option. For group 2 Language Acquisition, students can start either language without any previous experience.

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