Returning Student Registration

Student is currently or was previously enrolled in Ogden School District

Returning student registration is intended for any student who has ever previously attended Ogden School District.
This includes students matriculating from kindergarten to 1st grade, matriculating from elementary to junior high or matriculating from junior high to high school.

We have big news about school registration!

Ogden School is excited to announce a new and improved student information system (SIS). Please watch the video below for an introduction to our new SIS, Infinite Campus. This means better tools for teachers and parents to stay engaged with each student's education. The new system will replace Aspire. Infinite Campus will be in place later this summer for families to register students for the 2022-2023 school year.

View in-person registration dates here.

Infinite Campus – Student Information System

It is important for families to know that our new registration process will require parents and guardians to provide a current email address. Parents can create a free email address here.

Registro de estudiantes que regresan

El alumno está o estuvo inscrito previamente en el distrito escolar de Ogden

El registro de estudiantes que regresan es para cualquier estudiante que haya asistido anteriormente al Distrito Escolar de Ogden. 
Esto incluye a los estudiantes que se matriculan desde kindergarten hasta el primer grado, se matriculan desde la primaria hasta la secundaria o se matriculan desde la escuela intermedia hasta la secundaria.

Infinite Campus – Sistema de Información Estudiantil