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Counseling Department
Mr. Harlan Mrs. Rivera Mrs. Green Mrs. Flint
Counselor (A-Di)  Counselor (Do-Lee)  Counselor(Lei-Rami)  Head Counselor (Ramm-Z) 
801-737-8742 801-737-8694 801-737-8676 801-737-8661
Mrs. Francis Mrs. Anderson Mrs. Meenderink Mrs. Lujan
Career Center* Secretary (A-Lee) Secretary (Lei-Z) Attendance Secretary
801-737-8707 801-737-8766 801-737-8664 801-737-8678


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Scholarship Information:

February 2020 Scholarships

Receive the latest scholarship & college information updates:
Mr. Harlan's students
text @20a-di to 81010
Mrs. Rivera's students
text @20do-lee to 81010
Mrs. Green's students
text @20lei-rami to 81010
Mrs. Flint's students
text @20ramm-z to 81010.

*Visit the Career Center Monday-Friday
7:30 am - 3:30 pm
Appointments Available